Stele | Zack McDonald

Dead Man's Curve | Joe Allen

Atlantean Frescoes | Travis Iurato

Choice Paralysis | Eli Walker

Edge of Thing | Lucy Kirkman Allen

By the Banks | Jack Banks and Hunter Banks

Moon Runes | Justin Hunter Allen

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Correspondence | Texts by Michael Corris, Richard Bailey and Michael Dorsch

Twilight Time | Text and works by Joe Allen

Royal Waves | Works by Kelly Kroener and Eli Walker
Eagle or Hawk | Text and works by Travis Iurato

4 Winds | Text by V. B. Bandjunis, Works by Cynthia Bandjunis

Fox | Works by Justin Hunter Allen and Lucy Kirkman Allen

Fullmoon Mysticism | Text and works by Philip Hinge

Stranger States, No Longer Real | Works by Makiko Nagaya and Peter Lewis

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